AFUL (Adult Fans of Legos) are changing the stereotype that LEGOs are only for kids. The Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana LEGO Users Group (OKILUG) is an organization for adults 18 and older that took their childhood passion for creating Lego models and became master builders. The models they build are all transportable and have traveled around the U.S., including to DC Brick World and the Kentucky Brick Expo. OKILUG will be returning to Maker Faire for their 3rd year and are bringing some incredible creations with them.

OKILUG consists of many different types of LEGO makers, including people who focus on building train replicas, historical buildings and building models using only Duplo blocks. At this year’s Maker Faire, OKILUG will display their western installation, a replica of the Hamilton County Fairgrounds and more. They will have Cincinnati themed interactive builds of the Roebling Bridge and their Over-The-Rhine installation, including Washington Park, where visitors can help OKILUG members build the models and learn about engineering. They will also feature a “build in a bag” station where individuals are given a picture of a model with a bag of LEGOs and are challenged to build the model without opening the bag.

Although this is an expensive hobby, OKILUG encourages people who loved LEGOs as children to keep building. They enforce the idea to work beyond the kit, make models but also get creative and use the pieces to free build your own creations.

Come to Maker Faire on October 7 & 8 to interact with OKILUG and learn more about them on their website, You can also stay up to date on their activities through their Facebook page.

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