Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to fly? Well, the Cincinnati Quad Racers know the feeling. By using drones they’ve built themselves and attaching a camera to them, which sends a live video signal to a set of goggles, the pilots get a First Person View (FPV) to steer their drone and feel as if they are flying.

They organize races twice a month for their members which includes flying their drones through obstacles like tunnels and gates, and around flags and trees. These drones are built and designed to fly up to 80 miles, much faster than the aerial photograph drones most people are used to which are designed to hover in place.

The Cincinnati Quad Racers are true makers. The drones they use during their races are all handmade. They order the parts online and wire, solder and assemble the drones themselves. In order to race drones, you need to learn how to build and repair them. When you are flying that fast, you are bound to crash. Cincinnati Quad Racers suggest you take the time to learn how to build your own racing drone so that you will know everything needed to repair it.

At this year’s Mini Maker Faire, the Cincinnati Quad Racers will set up an indoor race course to demonstrate their FPV racing. They will use micro-drones which are safe to fly indoors and around people and will allow individuals to try on the goggles and experience the flying sensation for themselves.

Since their start in 2015, the Cincinnati Quad Racers have grown exponentially. At a typical race they have 40 pilots racing and they also have a very active Facebook page with over 600 members. If you’re looking to join the fun, their Facebook page or website are great resources for asking questions and building your own drone.

Come and experience the thrill of flying with Cincinnati Quad Racers at this year’s Mini Maker Faire on October 7 & 8. You can learn more about the Cincinnati Quad Racers on their website and on their Facebook page!

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