Think about something that you are currently obsessing over in pop culture. Your favorite TV show, favorite book, or even your favorite Cincinnati landmark. Do you wish you could show your love for that thing, but don’t know how? Talk to Full Frontal Nerdity. Full Frontal Nerdity is a pin back button company who specialize in making a variety of nerd and pop culture fandom accessories, and they’ve probably made a pin for your obsessions.

Full Frontal Nerdity has had the maker spirit since day one. They started out making pins for non-profit organizations by using the button machine in the Public Library of Cincinnati’s Maker Space. While making these pins they realized they wanted to make ones that represented what they enjoy. They then bought their own button machine, made an Etsy page and were soon creating pins for all different types of passions, fandoms and organizations. They especially enjoy creating pins for different people and events because they inspire new pin ideas.

At this year’s Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire, Full Frontal Nerdity will allow you to make your own pin. They will be bringing their button maker and supplies and will guide you through the steps of making your own unique pin. They will also be bringing a variety of pins they’ve already made that you can purchase.

If you want to get inspired by making and crafting, Full Frontal Nerdity encourages people to visit the Public Library of Cincinnati’s Maker Space. Try different things, learn something new, and find a new passion for creating. If you want to see more examples of the pins they have created visit their Instagram,, and come create your own pin with them at Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire on October 7 & 8.

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