You’re not imagining it. According to, Lego is releasing more and more Lego sets every year, from licensed properties, like Star Wars and Minecraft, to Lego-owned franchises, like collectable minifigures and kid-friendly Duplo. Between 2008 and 2012, there were 544 new sets each year on average. Between 2013 and 2018, there were 777 new sets a year.

Sarah Brancato, a member of the Cincinnati Lego Users Group (CincyLUG), has certainly noticed all of those new sets.

“I buy sets for two reasons. Either they created an amazing set” — she’s a fan of the Architecture series — “or I want the parts inside.”

CincyLUG is a group of Cincinnatians that played with Lego bricks as kids and, now that they’re adults, they don’t see any reason to stop. CincyLUG members are all master builders with their own interests and specialties. Some are train masters — they research trains and build precise scale models from photos — some focus on architecture, building real-life buildings to scale, and some try to build entirely from their imagination.

Brancato, for example, is currently working on a sharknado.

“I decided I wanted to do something where I could talk to kids about why this is a strong build,” she explains. “I thought an inverted cone with really strange points of weight will allow me to talk … about physics and gravity, and how to use Lego to make something really strong.” She says her sharknado can be shook without losing pieces.

CincyLUG is an 18+ group, and they’re always looking for others interested in building community through and with Lego bricks. Brancato, her sharknado and others from CincyLUG will be at Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire April 13.

Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire (CMMF) is a gathering of fascinating, curious people who enjoy learning and sharing what they do. You can attend CMMF at Union Terminal on April 13 – it’s free with Cincinnati Museum Center admission.

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